Welcome to the Phonetics & Phonology Lab at George Mason University!

The faculty and students in the George Mason Phonetics & Phonology Lab, abbreviated as Mason PhonLab, study how people produce and perceive speech and how the physical properties of speech sounds are related with their cognitive (phonological) representations. Many of our research projects focus on speakers and listeners from diverse language backgrounds, including language learners and multilingual speakers. The focus is on how speaker-listeners’ linguistic experiences can influence their phonological knowledge, and their perception and production of speech. 

The Mason PhonLab houses state-of-the-art equipment for studying the articulation, acoustics, and perception of speech sounds, in the experimental investigation of spoken language. The Mason PhonLab is co-directed by Dr. Steven Weinberger and Dr. Harim Kwon.

Interested in learning more about our lab and research? Please take a look around the website or send us an email. If you are a Mason undergraduate interested in linguistics and looking for research experience in phonetics/phonology, or if you are willing to help us by participating in one of our ongoing research projects, please check out the Get Involved section.

We are at Horizon Hall, room 3133, at GMU Fairfax Campus.